Ina Boesch
Borderlines. Of Flight and Help, Five Stories from Europe

«Borderlines» follows five typical life stories that exemplify the changing meaning of fleeing operations and flight helpers in the past seventy years, from the 1930’s until today. Ina Boesch describes the motivations of those engaged in non-commercial help, their often risky and illegal procedures and the driving force behind their actions – their personal civil courage. While analyzing the personality of the helpers in the past and up to the present day within the European context, she widens her theme to migration, one of today’s most broadly discussed topics.  She conducted comprehensive interviews for her book, traveling to countries like the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and Spain and succeeding in linking people and locations in a surprising way.

Limmat Publishers, Zurich 2008.
220 pages, with photographs and maps. 38 Fr.

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