Book Project – Work in Progress

Explorations into Swiss Colonial History

Arguably, Switzerland was a colonial power without colonies. Many merchants, bankers, travelers, scientists formed part of the worldwide colonial system. Even though the topic has received more attention in recent years, the colonial history of Switzerland has remained largely underexplored. 

To fill this gap, the book project attempts to examine the history of colonial Switzerland –from the beginning of the 17th to the end of the 19th century – as reflected in the history of a prominent Swiss merchant family. The research includes on-site research in the Caribbean, Egypt, Netherlands, Surinam, Switzerland, and the United States where traces of the merchant family have been documented. 





Ina Boesch (Hg.): Die Dada. Wie Frauen Dada prägten

Mit Beiträgen von Ina Boesch, Ralf Burmeister, Irene Gammel, Ruth Hemus, Sabine T. Kriebel und Walburga Krupp
Gestaltet von Marco Müller
Verlag Scheidegger & Spiess